Half a Year of "Times that Matter"

it's been 6 months already since "Times That Matter" has been released
worldwide by PureRock a division of PureSteelRecords.
almost 200 likes on facebook,
almost 1500 visitors on starquake.de,
more than 6000 views of Starquake videos on YouTube (4600 for "Here I go again")

so here's a huge THANK YOU
to all of you who support Starquake,
a biiiiiig THANX to all those who wrote and published wonderful reviews,
it's good to see so many people like the music I love and make,
another big THANX to those who criticized my work,
you guys make me wanna work harder and make the next Starquake album even better.

2016 will see the release of TTM on double-vinyl,
a strictly limited edition of 300 copies,
this shall be interesting.

and I'm constantly writing new material for the next release so stay tuned...